We Believe:

1. Both Parties Are Corrupt & Useless.

Democrat Party

Pretends to be strong on Civil Rights, Clean Energy, Criminal Justice Reform, and Medicare for All. But doesn't actually care about any of those things, and only serves the interests of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Big Pharma, & the Military Industrial Complex.

Republican Party

Pretends to be strong on the economy, the Constitution, and limits on spending & regulations. But doesn't actually care about any of those things, and only serves the interests of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Big Oil, Big Pharma, & the Military Industrial Complex.

2. Conditions are optimal for a New Party to rise.

How To Make It Happen

Build On Pre-Existing Momentum

The Great Realignment

Earlier this year, the People's Party (ex-Bernie-lefties) and the Libertarians (Ron Paul fans) successfully pulled off a joint Anti-War Rally called "Rage Against The War Machine." This experimental collaboration was groundbreaking! For the first time ever, "left wingers" and "right wingers" were able to put aside their political differences and come together to advance a shared agenda. For this powerful display of solidarity, they were viciously smeared. Causing several influencers to cave-in to the pressure and pull out of the budding coalition. But the core group of leaders ignored the haters, and continued their collaboration. In April of 2023, they built upon that progress at the Independent National Convention in Austin, Texas - where they all agreed to continue working together to advance shared interests and potentially pile onto each others candidates in 2024.

Spread The Word

Unite The People

Reformat Government

Unlock The Future

Organize Into A Bloc

Case Study: Pirate Party

In 2011, the Icelandic Pirate Party pioneered a proof of concept for regime-change, that could be loosely copied & modified for use in the United States:

Bring That Model Here

(using QINTELPRO as fuel instead of Panama Papers)

Unite Disaffected Political Factions

Overwhelming democratic mandate is the only way to achieve the dramatic and lasting change we need in the United States. Most people want change, they just have no idea how to actually get it done. Uniting disaffected political factions from across the ideological spectrum is the first step:

Disaffected Left Wingers

AntiWar Activists

Environmental Activists

Justice Reformers

Civil Libertarians

Populist Right Wingers

Many of these disaffected tribes are not natural allies, but all of them understand that they are never getting anything they want from the current corrupt system. Persuading these groups to put aside their differences and work together is the first step.

Attract Niche Audiences

Attract "ideologically galvanized" niche audiences that don't support either party. Each of the following groups contains tens of millions of people. And each have a history of being smeared by the mainstream media, making them unlikely to be shamed into submission as we gain momentum:

UFO Disclosure Community

Crypto & Web3 Crowd

Spiritual/New Age/Hippies

Naturopathic Medicine

Sovereign & State Nationals

EDM/Raver Community

Leverage Our Combined Power

Meltdown The Establishment

More voters than ever are completely fed up with both parties. If we unite the Independents, we can easily beat them.

Recruit Some Whales

Democrats have mega-donors like George Soros. Republicans have mega-donors like the Koch Brothers. We need our own bottomless pool of capital. But we don't want to be influenced by corporate interests! So we should recruit some crypto billionaires to finance all of our candidates and capers. A dedicated group of them should be formed, committed to supporting independent candidates exclusively. Unlike traditional wealthy donors who expect ongoing political favors, this new group of billionaire boosters will only get return on investment from crypto market growth - facilitated by the candidates they fund creating a favorable regulatory environment for crypto. That way, we can get new candidates funded, free from any undue expectations, allowing for a truly independent political landscape.

Overwhelm The Uniparty

Storm Every Capitol

Overwhelm both parties at the ballot box with a massive decentralized movement of independent candidates. Many elections are currently uncontested, so we can win enough seats to enact our agenda just by competing and playing the numbers game.

Elected Positions In the USA


Are Uncontested

Compete At Every Level