Internet Bill Of Rights

The only way to prevent the destruction of democracy and the extinction of free will

The Founding Fathers could never have foreseen the tech-centric world we currently live in.

Technology Platforms Are Now:

We Must Modernize Our Constitution

Our Constitution must be updated to protect our free speech, free will, and fair access to the market. Wasting our time fighting over Section 230 is never going to work! We must pass an Internet Bill of Rights that legally reclassifies tech giants as Public Utilities. Public utilities are companies that are allowed to operate at monopoly scale because they offer essential services that you can’t function in modern society without. It is nearly impossible to run a business, a nonprofit, or a politcal campaign without access to big tech. So we need to ban big tech from arbitrarily cancelling our access. And we need to ban corrupt government agencies from underhandedly interfering with it. We will lose our freedom forever if we don't act soon to address this vital isssue.

The Power company can't shut-off your electricity because they don't like your opinions.

The Water utility can't shut-off your water because they don't like your opinions.

Telecom companies can't shut-off your phone because they don't like your opinions.

So Tech platforms should NOT be able to shut-off services because they don't like your opinions!

Create A New Type of "Public Utility" Law For Tech


An innovation-stifling mountain of complex rules, high fees, unfair taxes, and mind-numbing bureaucracy.


An easy, minimalist regulatory strategy for protecting fair markets, freedom of speech, and private ownership.

Censorship is Happening Everywhere

Fair Markets Must Be Required By Law

Universal Passive Income

A fair, practical way for everyone to earn $1000-$1500 per month on the data they generate.

Clawback Our Data

Surveillance capitalism is out of control. Every phone call we make, every message we send, and every place we go is recorded and mined for data to sell. And it's not just Big Tech selling our data. Banks and insurance companies are selling our financial data. Hospitals, Doctors and DNA testing companies are selling our medical data. News outlets, Airlines, Credit Bureaus, and governments, too. Nearly every single moment of our lives is monitored, tracked and sold for profit. That data is worth trillions now, and will be exponentially more valuable in the future. We should be the owners of the data we create.

Data: The World's Most Valuable Resource

Data has become the world's most valuable resource. The tech monopolies are worth trillions of dollars largely because of the data they possess. Data is the fuel that powers artificial intelligence and machine learning. Neither of those revolutionary technologies work without mountains of data. As A.I. and automation engulf larger and larger portions of our economy, the value of our data is expected to increase exponentially.

Legally Own The Data We Generate

We must establish legal ownership rights over the data we generate. We must have the right to revoke unauthorized access to our data. We must have sole control over our medical records. We should be able to take a consumer DNA tests without fearing that our data is going to be sequenced in China and sold to Big Pharma. We should be able to have an offline conversation without our devices listening to us and selling our keywords.

Get Paid For The Data We Generate

If corporations want to make trillions selling our data, they need to pay us our cut! Requiring royalty payments for data will allow everyone to earn income on the data they generate. Over the next decade, automation and A.I. are going to eliminate millions of jobs, which will put tremendous strain on public finances. Everyone uses the internet. Creating a universal passive income will allow obsolete human workers to survive this major transition.

Video Game Analogy

The NCAA uses athletes' appearance/stats (i.e. their "likeness") to create a popular football video game that earns huge profits. Up until recently, players were not paid a single penny, even though it was THEIR DATA that allowed the NCAA to create the video game in the first place. That wasn't fair. So the NCAA was finally forced to pay athletes royalties on the data they generate. Trillion-dollar tech monopolies should be forced to as well.

"Universal Passive Income is NOT a hand-out. It's a fair business exchange. It doesn't come from the government. It comes from the big corporations - who are making trillions of dollars cyber-stalking everyone and selling our data."

Quantum Party of America

Dystopian Nightmare

"We now have the ability to hack human beings"

Watch the Yuval Noah Harari - Klaus Schwab's right hand man at the World Economic Forum talking about how World Leaders are going to be able to hack our minds and bodies and read and write our thoughts, as well as edit our DNA. Implant us with microscopic robots that can connect us all to a centralized world authority, and be used to monitor every single thing we say, do, or think. We are dangerously close to losing our freedom forever. We must move quickly to regulate these powerful emerging technologies.

Regulate Emerging Technologies

Profound advancements in science and technology are about to dramatically reshape our world. If wielded responsibly, these technologies have the power to elevate humanity into a new plane of existence. If not wielded responsibly, they will most certainly plunge us into a dystopian nightmare. We must proactively regulate emerging technologies with dangerous potentials:

Internet Bill of Rights

Quick Review of the Top (3) Tenets:
  • Create New "Public Utility" Classification For Tech Platforms.
  • Clawback Data Rights To Enable "Universal Passive Income."
  • Regulate Emerging Technologies With Dangerous Potential.