Justice Reform

Ruthless Police State

The United States claims to be the freest country, but it has the most draconian "Justice" system in the entire world. Constitutional rights are almost never respected. Federal law enforcement has unlimited leeway to lie and cheat without any consequences. Defendants are abused and punished long before they are even convicted. The rule of law is rarely respected. Federal courts are designed to be as minimally transparent as possible. Judges face zero accountability whatsoever, and are free to rule however they see fit. The Founding Fathers would be appalled with the dystopian nightmare of a justice system we have developed over the past few decades.

More Prisoners Than Communist China!

The Most In the World... By A Longshot

We lock up a larger percentage of our population than communist China, and we lock up more people than almost all other western democracies combined. One quarter of all the worlds prisoners are locked up in the United States. Some people believe that's because we have more criminals, but the truth is that Two-thirds of the people locked up in the United States are unconvicted (meaning they shouldn't be locked up in the first place). Our system is so broken and harsh, that one quarter of all Americans have a criminal record. Does anyone really think that 1/4 of all Americans are actual criminals??

Recalibrate Law Enforcement

Ban Set-Ups

The US legal system is designed to set people up and make it impossible for anyone to defend themselves. That must change.

Abolish The FBI

The FBI has a long history of corruption and misconduct that undermines the rule of law and our democratic principles. From COINTELPRO spying on/assassinating civil rights leaders and anti-war protesters, to the cover-up of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, to the FBI's framing of four innocent men for a murder in Boston, we have seen nonstop examples of the FBI abusing its power and violating the rights of American citizens. It has become extremely clear that we need to abolish this rogue agency. The recent revelations of abuses in the FBI's FISA surveillance and politically motivated investigations further illustrate the need for a new approach to law enforcement that is compatible with democracy and respectful of our constitutional rights. We must abolish the FBI and create a new law enforcement agency that is strictly prohibited from engaging in intelligence activities.

Fix Constitutional Abomination

Most Americans were raised to believe that they have constitutional rights to protect them. But in reality, those rights do NOT exist.

Recalibrate The Courts

Mandate Transparency & Fairness

Transparent Hearings

All court hearings must be streamed and able to be watched publicly.

Free Court Documents

PDF copies of court documents must be accessible for free.

A.I. Public Defender

Create AI public defender system and provide to defendants for free.

A.I. Judge Monitor

Create AI system to monitor and police judicial conduct

Reduce Prison Population

Let People Out

Most people in prison are not a threats to society and are locked up for victimless crimes. They must be released.

End Exploitation

Ban Prison Slavery

The flawed 13th Amendment allows slavery for people who have been convicted of a crime. Instead of getting paid minimum wage so they can have money to keep themselves off the street when they get out, inmates are widely exploited as slaves - earning pennies per hour.

Is it a FAIR MARKET when some companies get to use Slave Labor while others don't?

Fix Civil Courts

Tort Reform

Civil courts have become just as arbitrary and capricious as criminal ones. They must be reformed and made functional again.

Criminal Injustice