Military Reform

Incompetent Dinosaurs

We have tremendous respect for all rank-and-file members of our military. But the Pentagon has devolved into a bureaucratic mess, run by stubborn old men, clinging to an outdated geopolitical paradigm. And the military-industrial complex has a stranglehold on the US government, causing our politicians to prioritize ill-advised and often disastrous foreign military campaigns over urgent domestic priorities. Examples of this include Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Ukraine, and many others. Our military belligerence has gained us little, while causing unimaginable chaos and destruction throughout the world. The defense industry must be reigned in, and the US military must be modernized, recalibrated and streamlined so we can get way better results for way less money.

Bombing Everywhere

Bases Everywhere

Troops Everywhere

Outrageously Expensive

What To Do About It

Stop Playing World Police

Fix overspending, bureaucracy, and outdated strategies.

End The Wars

The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) after the 9/11 attacks gave the President unchecked power to use military force against any country or group that is deemed a "terrorist organization." This open-ended mandate has been used to justify dozens of military interventions across the globe, leading to disastrous and costly regime-change wars that have resulted in immense loss of life and destruction. It's time to end the 9/11 AUMF and bring an end to the endless cycle of wars that have only served to make us less safe and drained our resources. It is time for a new approach - one that prioritizes peace and stability over endless conflict, and one that doesn't give one person unchecked power to start a war.

Stop Ignoring Outrageous Abuse

$2 Trillion Missing (Again)

For the second time in recent decades, the Pentagon has admitted to being unable to account for $2 trillion dollars worth of its inventory and spending. We cannot allow Military Leaders to continue bleeding our country dry with obscene levels of financial mismanagement. We must take immediate and forceful steps to locate lost assets and hold Military leaders accountable.

Clean Up Leadership:

Prioritize The Future

Create New Department

In 1947, the Air Force was pulled out of the Army and turned into an independent branch. Now it's Space Force's turn.

Space Force

The formation of an independent Space Force is crucial to ensure the U.S. maintains its military edge as the geopolitical winds shift. Pulling Space Force (Space and Cyber Command) out of the Air Force - and merging it with other space/cyber-related agencies such as NSA, NASA and FAA Air Traffic Control - will create a strong, efficient and modern branch of the military. The new department's primary mandates should be defending key infrastructure, pursuing scientific advancement, protecting free speech/free-will, and promoting peace through economic strength. Space Force should become the preeminent branch of the U.S. Military.

Space Command

Put Space Force in Charge of all Space related military activities.

Cyber Command

Put Space Force in Charge of all Cyber related military activities.

Air Traffic Control

Put Space Force in charge of all Air & Space Traffic Control operations.


Reorganize NASA into civilian/ scientific division of Space Force

Space-Based WIFI

The US government spends tens of billions every year on rural broadband grants, yet many areas still lack reliable access to high-speed internet. We should redirect those funds towards providing free space-based WIFI for all. For decades, the US military has provided free GPS service to the civilian market using Air Force satellites, which are manufactured by companies like Northrop and Lockheed. Building on that successful model, the US Space Force should provide free WIFI to the civilian market using Starlink satellites manufactured by SpaceX. Not only would this help bridge the digital divide, it would also increase our resilience against cyberattacks.

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Start Telling The Truth

Release All Classified Documents

UFO Disclosure

The US military must disclose ALL classified information related to UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), commonly known as UFOs. The government has been collecting data on these sightings/encounters for decades, and the recent reports and videos released by the Pentagon have only added to the public's curiosity/concern. With the increasing frequency of UAP sightings by credible sources such as military pilots, it's no longer acceptable for the the government to skirt transparency. The public has a right to know the truth about UAPs, and it's time we force our military to provide full and honest disclosure.

NASA Nonsense

NASA has done countless suspicious things over the years which lead many people to believe they are not actually a civilian space agency, just a huge money laundering operation for black projects. Conflicting statements, lost funds, destroyed research, and many other perplexing NASA curiosities have rapidly eroded public trust in extraterrestrial science. After NASA is absorbed into Space Force, we must declassify and release all documents/records relating to human spaceflight, and the moon landing, so as a nation, we can all see for ourselves, and start tacking our way back to a common string of reality.

Military Reform