Rogue Intelligence

Nightmare Circus

There are growing concerns that the US intelligence apparatus has become too powerful, too unaccountable, and too focused on protecting its own interests at the expense of the public good. It is argued that the unchecked power of intelligence agencies has contributed to numerous abuses, including mass surveillance, torture, assassination, and regime change operations, all of which have undermined America's democratic values and global standing. Furthermore, there is evidence that the intelligence community is rife with corruption, cronyism, and waste. The revolving door between government and the private sector, the overclassification of information, and the lack of effective oversight mechanisms have all contributed to a culture of impunity and dysfunction within the intel community.

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Purge The Deep-State

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Fix Preposterous Legal Loopholes:

British Monarchy

Shortly after WW2, CIA and FBI counterintelligence made a deal with SIS to use the monarchy as a blanket rubber stamp for nefarious domestic activities. Without the legal foundation the monarchy provides (secrecy, immunity, command structure, etc), our rogue intelligence agencies like would not be able to target Americans, manipulate media, and evade prosecution so effectively. The institution of the monarchy is the glue that holds the “deep state” together. Considering the fundamental threat it poses - to the safety, security, and well-being of every American - we should use every bit of diplomatic, economic, and intelligence leverage at our disposal to pressure Britain into abolishing the monarchy ASAP.

Abolish The CIA

The CIA has committed countless atrocities overseas, including orchestrating coups, assassinations, slavery, torture, and terrorism. They shamelessly manipulate our media. They tell obvious lies under oath and brazenly intimidate members of Congress who investigate them. Furthermore, the CIA has started an estimated 80-100 "black projects" under every single president. Black projects like the drug dealing/gun running operation behind the Iran-Contra scandal. Many of these black projects are off-book, self-funded and designed to operate in perpetuity - meaning they will continue to haunt us forever until we abolish the CIA and create an intelligence apparatus that is accountable, transparent, and compatible with democracy. One that respects human rights and obeys the rule of law.

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Responsible for the Deaths of Millions

Completely Out Of Control

Destroying Everything They Touch

Coordinating Terror Against Us

Kill The Mockingbird

Close off vectors that enable rogue intelligence apparatus to manipulate public opinion:

Clawback Our Rights

End Illegal Spying

Our Constitutional rights are NOT optional. All future intelligence and counter-intelligence agencies must act accordingly.

Abolish DHS

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created in the aftermath of 9/11 to protect the country from terrorism, but it has instead become an agency that violates civil liberties playing word police on Twitter, targets minority communities, and wastes tons of taxpayer money buying unnecessary equipment. The agency's lack of accountability and transparency has led to abuses of power, such deployment of federal agents to suppress peaceful protests and the illegal surveillance of American citizens. Abolishing DHS will help us to restructure our national security apparatus into an efficient and accountable system of protecting our country without trampling on our fundamental rights.

Release Everything Now

Declassify, unredact, and release all files relating to significant geopolitical events

Intel Reform