Reformat America

We've Reached The End

The United States is a great country, with great people, great landscape, and vast natural resources. But we have an irredeemably corrupt government! A government that is completely captured by ruthless oligarchs, and rogue intelligence agencies. A government that utterly ignores the Constitution. A government that is too corrupt to function, and is racing us ever faster towards armageddon. But instead of trying to do anything to prevent that, our politicians are milking as much corruption out of the dying system as they can before it collapses. Any attempts to correct our course or fix our problems within the current system are thwarted. Politicians are blackmailed. Elections are rigged. Legitimate political activists are aggressively targeted by the crooked FBI. So where do we go from here? How do we save our country? This proposal seeks to answer that question.

Our Government is Evil

Our Democracy Isn't Real

Our Rights Don't Exist

Our Country Is Failing

America Is About To Collapse

Dangerously Close to Disaster:

What To Do About It

Reformat America

America is like an old cell phone that is so bogged down with viruses and spam that it can barely function. The only way to fix it, is to wipe it clean and install an updated operating system. We need a Constitution that actually protects us, and a government that actually serves the people.
"Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed... whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government."

Declaration of Independence

Take Our Country Back

Escape From Our Debt

Savvy maneuvering will allow us to escape economic armageddon and start fresh:

Challenge Claim

Challenge the US Government's claim over the land, people and resources of America. Cite the (nullified) Doctrine Of Discovery.

Transfer Sovereignty

Establish new elected government, and transfer all sovereign assets. Depriving our existing government of the collateral it needs to borrow.
Reformat America

Bankrupt Old Entity

Bankrupt the existing government entity and discharge most of its massive debts. Make agreements with other countries to do the same.
Reformat America

Emerge As New Country

Rollover vital services like Social Security, and pay for them with a new permanent fund fueled by energy and natural resources.
We cannot allow nostalgia to prevent us from taking the ruthlessly pragmatic actions needed to secure our future.

Restart Our Congress

New Rules For Members:

Term Limits

Twelve year term limits are enough time to pass and implement big projects, but not long enough to allow for career politicians.

Pay Structure

Banking style pay: $600k per year but only if aggressive, performance based benchmarks are achieved. Politicians must perform to get paid.

Trading Ban

Categorical ban on all individual stock/bond trading for all politicians (and spouses) while in office. All assets must be held in blind trusts.

Int'l Lobby Ban

Lobbying ban on all corporations whose International HQ is not in the United States. Foreign companies must use diplomatic channels of home country to lobby.

Virtual Congress

Politicians must spend at least 50% of their time in their home district. Votes & committee hearings can be held via secure video conferences.

Serve Home District

Members must spend 50% of their time at the capitol solving problems and 50% of their time serving constituents in their home district.

Staff Budget Increase

Shoestring staff budgets mean that all bills are written by corporate lobbyists. Staff budget increases will allow congress to write laws.

Page Limit on Laws

Laws must be dramatically simplified. All new laws must cover only single subjects and be limited to a couple hundred pages.

Move Our Headquarters

Build A New Capital

In Kansas

Washington DC is far better suited for being a giant history museum, than a functional venue for a government. Kansas is the geographic center of the United States. It is the only place we would be able to collectively agree is fair to build our new capitol. It has vast amounts of flat, cheap land to build on. And it would send a clear message to all future politicians: That they are in charge of fixing THIS country (not Europe, not the Middle East, not Ukraine).

Build It Like The Apple Campus

Everything Congress needs to do their job in one place with no distractions. Members should be required to live on premises when in session and required to spend half of their time back in their home district. Lobbyists should only be allowed to meet with members in their home district.

Is That Realistic?

Yes, Other Countries Already Did It

Other countries are already rebuilding their new capitals away from their old ones, because they too realized that their existing capitals were highly impractical for running a functional government.


Egypt is building a completely new capital district out in the middle of the desert, because Cairo was too old and crowded to function.


Indonesia is building a new modern capital on a completely separate island than the one its currently on, because Jakarta is too crowded to function.

Restructure Our Government

Streamline Everything With AI

Our government is "Too Big To Function." It will never be manageable until we dramatically restructure it:

Clean & Defragment

Nobody can run our government in its current form. It's a giant dysfunctional quagmire. The current president has (20) cabinet members overseeing huge departments with dozens of agencies and offices each, and nearly (40) independent agencies reporting to him. With that level of bureaucracy, it's no wonder nothing productive ever gets done. We must completely clean and defragment our government - restructuring and reorganizing all offices and agencies into (12) modern cabinet departments. Government will never work correctly until we do. Normally this would be a Herculean task, but with AI tools this will be a relatively easily task for prompting experts.

Simplify The Legal System

Rewrite Laws With AI

We have millions of pages of laws - making it impossible for anyone who can't afford an army of lawyers to comply. If ordinary people are expected to follow the laws, they must be written in a format that ordinary people can digest and understand.

Software-Based Services For All

AI Professional Assistant

Providing all Americans with free access to high quality AI professional services is a critical step towards making our system fair:

AI Lawyer

The current legal system is rigged in favor of rich people who can afford constant, high-quality legal representation. To help fix this, our government should provide all citizens with access to a free AI lawyer, (similar to Chat GPT), for legal counsel and services. This would ensure that every American has access to high quality legal counsel to help them navigate our justice system. It should be able to provide accurate answers to any question about any law, craft legal strategies based on past precedents, lookup case citations, and write high-quality motions and legal documents for citizens seeking to self-represent. Communications with the AI lawyer should be privileged, granting the same confidentiality as with a human attorney.