Banking Reset

A Storm Is Coming

Many banksters never stopped doing the same reckless things that caused the last crash in 2008. A massive storm is now brewing over the entire industry. But this time, we won't be able to bail our way out of it. For several reasons, including a regional banking implosion, a commercial real estate bubble, international de-dollarization, and $100 trillion dollar black swan event set to go off this year, the entire western-led global financial system is about to collapse. Nothing that our policymakers normally do to prevent crashes will work this time. We must prepare for the most severe financial turbulence in our nation's history, and move quickly to execute unorthodox maneuvers that will enable us to adapt and survive.

Our System Is Ending

Cataclysm Inbound

Suits Are Lying

Bailouts Wont Work

Brace For Impact

Severe Economic Turbulence Ahead

The entire western-led global financial system is about to collapse. "Experts" and policymakers are desperately trying to convince us that it's not. But the wheels are coming off - very soon - so they won't be able to keep lying for long.

Countdown To Calamity

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has warned that the global financial system is on the brink of a $100 trillion dollar "black swan" event - a perfect storm large enough to wipe out the entire world economy. This (highly volatile) financial weapon-of-mass-destruction could be triggered by a wide range of factors, including a sharp rise in interest rates, a decline in asset prices, or a sudden loss of confidence in the financial system. All of which are in the process of happening now.

"Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction."

Warren Buffett

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

Accept The Economic Enema

No amount of bailouts will be enough save our banking system from armageddon. We must prioritize ordinary people during this existential financial meltdown, and prioritize what little financial runway we have left towards taking care of them. Not the banks!

Abolish The Fed

The Federal Reserve is a destructive and corrupt cartel controlled by malign super-national influences. Its ability to print unlimited money has debased the value of our dollar, leading to inflation and making our hard-earned money worth less and less every day. Meanwhile, politicians have used this unlimited money to fund endless wars and bailouts for big corporations, leaving the American people to foot the bill. The Fed was created to prevent financial collapses, but it has not prevented a single one. Instead, it has presided over some of the worst financial crises in our nation's history, and is currently mismanaging us into the most catastrophic one yet. We must abolish the Federal Reserve and decentralize money.

Modernize The Money System

Our government wants to use this crisis to force everyone to start using Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). But after they crash our paper money, nobody will trust anything they control. So many Americans will prefer to use Non-Government Digital Currencies (NGDCs) instead. We must create a regulatory environment which makes that easily possible.

Crackdown On Offshore Banking

City of London, the world's leading offshore banking hub, has long been a haven for money laundering and tax evasion. To combat this problem, the US government must pressure the UK to formally annex the City of London and force it to comply with UK banking regulations (i.e. KYC requirements). This simple move would effectively "pull-the-chair" out from under a huge portion of the world's offshore banking industry, driving massive amounts of offshore capital out of sketchy banks and into the crypto markets. Dramatically reducing volatility and stabilizing Non-Government Digital Currency (NGDC) markets enough for practical everyday use. The City of London is a corrupt medieval loophole which enables oligarchs and intel agencies to fleece the taxpayers of all nations - and it must be agressively closed.

Position Economy For Future Success

Our middle-class is going to be permanently extinct if we don't take dramatic action to ensure their future viability:

Banking Reform