We are building a massive grassroots movement, and we need your help!


Phone Callers, Door Knockers, Flyer Distributors, Sign Holders, etc.


Leaders who can help us organize a massive grassroots movement


Social Media Influencers to help us promote and explain our platform.


Bakers, meme-lords, artists, and video content creators

Are you ready to get in the game?

How You Can Help:

Tell Friends & Family

Show this website to people you're close to and walk them through the topics covered.

Attend an Event

Come to one of our many live events being held in all 50 states across this country.

Share On Social Media

Post & promote our content on your Social Media accounts and help us spread the word.

Distribute Flyers

Make flyers about the topics covered on this site. Distribute anywhere people gather.

Explainer Videos

Record brief explainer videos about the plan/topics on this site and post to your social media.

Dank Memes

Make dank/hilarious memes about the plan/topics on this site and post to your social media.

Write Articles About Topics On This Site

Choose one of topics summarized on this website and write an article explaining it with more details.

Organize an In-Person Meetup

Organize an in-person Quantum Meetup (to discuss the plan) in the city/town/area where you live.

Cut & Post Clips

Cut 30-60 second clips of Quantum interviews or podcasts and post them on social media.

Help Raise Money

Talk to people you know about supporting the Quantum Party. Every small donation helps.

Tell Your Favorite Influencers

Comment and/or message all your favorite influencers asking them to cover the Quantum Party.