Foreign Policy

Nonstop Disaster

US foreign policy has been an unmitigated disaster for decades. Plagued by hyper-aggression, illegal regime change wars, and coups that have not only failed to achieve their objectives but have also alienated us from allies and enemies alike. Our current strategy of racking up crippling debts, outsourcing key industries to third-world countries, and resorting to military force at every turn is unsustainable and counterproductive. It is time for a fundamental shift in our foreign policy. We must embrace diplomacy, cooperation, and peaceful conflict resolution. We need to prioritize mutually beneficial relationships with regional partners, rather than constantly seeking to impose our will on the whole world. We must also address the root causes of global challenges, instead of always defaulting to belligerent military and intelligence tactics. By doing so, we can create a safer and more prosperous world for everyone.

Killing Innocent People Everywhere

Subverting Democracy Everywhere

Looting Resources Everywhere

Making Messes Everywhere

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We need to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

Embrace Reality, Plan Ahead

If the existing world order bifurcates, the United States will lose. We must embrace and pursue multipolarity.

Decentralize The World

Dissatisfaction with US warmongering in Ukraine has led many countries to join BRICS and move away from the dollar, signaling a shift in global power. Instead of continuing to push for unilateral dominance, we must rapidly reposition ourselves to thrive in a multipolar world. Failure to do so risks further alienating us from the rest of the world and driving more countries into China's sphere of influence. To succeed in this new paradigm, we must decentralize into regional spheres of influence - refocusing ourselves on North America, allowing Russia to rejoin Europe, and allowing China to exert greater influence over East Asia, while helping Africa, Central Asia, and South America become strong and independent counterbalances. It's time for the US to embrace multipolarity and create a decentralized world order.

Stop Interfering Abroad

The US foreign policy establishment should abandon its practice of engaging in regime change activities and underhanded manipulation of other countries. Countless instances, such as the 1953 coup in Iran, where the US & UK overthrew the Prime Minister Mossadegh, which led to long-lasting negative consequences and strained relations. Or the US intervention in Chile in 1973, resulting in the removal of President Allende, which caused major instability and sadistic abuses under the subsequent Pinochet regime. Or the Afghanistan invasion in 2001. Twenty years and several trillion dollars later, we left the Taliban in a stronger position than before. We need to start respecting the sovereignty of other countries. We have zero credibility whatsoever on ideals of democracy/human rights when one of our key allies for most foreign policy is Saudi Arabia. We need to get real.

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U.S. Government corruption has grave consequences for innocent people worldwide

Continental Shift

Focus on stabilizing, developing, and using the bountiful resources of our own continent.

Prioritize America

We must refocus our efforts on stabilizing and developing our own continent (North America including Central America and the Caribbean). Our constant attempts to dominate and control the entire world have proven costly and ineffective. By harnessing the abundance of resources and hardworking people on our own continent, we can create stable societies powered by strong economies for all North Americans. To build back trust and goodwill (after decades of ruthless meddling), we must promote diplomacy, mutual cooperation, and investment while avoiding infringements on the national sovereignty of our neighbors. By prioritizing the progress and development our own continent, we can create a new model of decentralized prosperity for the rest of the world to emulate.

Corporate Clawback

A strict lobbying ban on foreign corporations is essential to protecting American democracy. Too often, multinational corporations manipulate our government in ways that benefit their bottom line at the expense of the American people. By banning lobbying from foreign corporations (primary international headquarters outside the United States), we can limit the undue influence of supernational entities on American policy. Furthermore, a categorical ban on providing military, intelligence, diplomatic, or economic support to any multinational corporation whose international HQ is not domiciled in the US will help prevent American resources from being used to support companies that don't share our interests. It will also create tremendous pressure on American companies to move back to the United States - inhibiting their ability to dodge taxes and circumvent American laws.

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End Medieval Laws And Practices

Push Allies To Reform

Regain our credibility to lead on the world stage by cleaning up our act, and pressuring European allies to clean up theirs too:

Foreign Policy