Energy Revolution

Unlocking The Future

The petrodollar system was set up in a way that would cause our banking system to collapse if we ever transition away from oil. But as more countries abandon the dollar as a reserve currency, and other looming economic cataclysms unfold, our banking system is going to collapse either way. Meaning that now is the perfect opportunity to modernize our energy system. But not with renewables. Because renewables (i.e. wind) take more carbon emissions to produce then they ultimately save, and they only work intermittently - making them unsuitable replacements for fossil fuels. Instead we must prioritize the development of decentralized Energy3 technologies. These revolutionary new technologies produce unlimited clean energy onsite at the end-point of use. Meaning devices only need to be purchased once, and eliminate ongoing electric bills. Once these are available, government won't have to force anybody to go green - people will want to on their own.

Households That Never Have Electric Bills

Devices That Never Need To Be Charged

Electric Cars With Unlimited Range

Factories That Generate Their Own Power Onsite

Why We've Been Stuck On Oil

PetroDollar System

The US dollar is backed by nothing, so (like cryptocurrency) the value is determined by how many people use it. For most countries, printing lots of money causes lots of problems. But the Petrodollar system allows the US to avoid the devaluation problems caused by printing money.

Top Oil Producers

Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of oil, and they are the leaders of OPEC - the cartel that controls oil prices worldwide.

Sell Oil In Dollars

The Saudis forces everyone who buys their oil to pay in dollars, and then invests lots of its oil revenue in US Treasury securities.

Propping Up Value

This artificially props up the value of the Dollar - allowing the US to print and spend unlimited money without negative consequences.

Protection Racket

In exchange, the United States gives Saudi Arabia weapons, and overlooks it's brutal treatment of citizens and other countries.
Under this system, the US has racketed up so much debt, that if we decided to end oil tomorrow, the entire US government & economy would collapse.

Rare Opportunity For Change

End Of The PetroDollar

Seize The Moment

Unleash American Innovation

Our government has been intentionally stifling innovation for decades - preventing us from modernizing our energy systems. We've been trapped in a false dichotomy of Energy1 vs Energy2 solutions for decades. Unleashing Energy3 will allow us to finally escape this toxic political paradigm:

Practical Green New Deal

Warp Speed Deployment

Energy3 technologies will enable everyone to generate their own clean energy. By rapidly decentralizing our grid, we can dramatically lower energy costs, while simultaneously protecting our environment. Some examples include:

Modular Low Energy Nuclear Fusion

Asymmetrical Magnetic Propulsion

Graphene Energy Harvesting

Next Gen Battery Cells

With geopolitcal tensions rising, modernizing our grid with Energy3 has now become a vital national security priority.

Awaken The Giant

Economic Powerhouse

We must capitalize on this unique opportunity to reinvigorate America's heavy manufacturing capacity.