Healthcare Reform

Fix The Broken System

The US healthcare system is a source of frustration and outrage for many Americans. The costs of healthcare are outrageously high, with many people struggling to afford even basic medical care. The lack of price transparency makes it nearly impossible for patients to make informed decisions about their own healthcare. To make matters worse, the system is riddled with corruption and conflicts of interest between regulators and pharmaceutical corporations. Patients are often pushed towards overpriced treatments and medications that may not be necessary or effective. It's no wonder that many Americans are disillusioned with the current system and want to see it reformed from the ground up. It's time to prioritize affordable, high-quality care for all Americans and to put an end to the greed and corruption that has plagued the healthcare system for far too long.

Useless Regulators

Terrible Outcomes

Extremely Expensive

Toxins Everywhere

What To Do About It

Price Transparency

Mandating price transparency in the US healthcare system is essential for creating a fair and competitive market. Considering how veterinarians give upfront estimates for animal treatments, it seems a bit absurd that doctors don't give humans information about the price of medical treatments until after they receive them. Requiring medical providers to post prices publicly and provide cost estimates upfront would enable patients to shop around for the best value and create market pressure to lower prices. This move would also help to expose corrupt practices and conflicts of interest between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, ultimately leading to a more affordable and equitable healthcare system.

Use Common Sense

Stop Acting Like Banana Republic

Enact obvious, common sense, long-overdue measures to mitigate corruption

Better Care For Much Lower Prices

Robot Pharmacies

The US healthcare industry is rife with inefficiencies, resulting in high costs for both patients and the government. To address this, we need to take immediate action to modernize the industry. One key step is to reformat the health insurance industry from scratch, so that it is more streamlined, efficient, and affordable. Another crucial action is to automate pharmacies with robots to reduce costs and improve accuracy. By implementing these and other forward-thinking solutions, we can help to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and effective for everyone, while reducing the burden on taxpayers and boosting the overall health of the economy.

Nature's Mental Healthcare

Legalize Effective Treatments

Stop allowing Big-Pharma to manipulate our regulators and immediately decriminalize plant-based medicines with compelling medical benefits:

Raise Our Standards

Ban Toxic Chemicals & Materials

Take steps to modernize our public health establishment and raise standards to be on par with other developed nations.

Healthcare Reform